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The Gender Lab focusses on addressing gender inequalities through different interventions.
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The Gender Lab Fellowship :A full time, paid  fellowship that aims to build leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills among young women (20 to 25 years) through a multi layered ‘service learning’ model

If you are: ·
1) A female between the age of 20 and 25 years ·
2) Fluent in Hindi and any one of English/ Marathi/ Gujarati ·
3) Comfortable with extensive local travel within Mumbai ·
4) Ready for a rigorous masters level learning experience including field work at the grassroots ·
5) Passionate about understanding and working on gender issues and women’s empowerment ·
6) Eager to facilitate workshops for 13-14 year old girls in schools

Then join us on this journey of learning, growing, discovering your potential and changing the world.
OK ! So before you take the next step to apply we want to tell you a few things  ( read them carefully ):

1) This is a full time fellowship - this means you will be occupied for 10 months rigorously. You will get a chance to explore many different things in the fellowship itself but please remember that you will not have time to take up any other course / part time work from June 2018 - April 2019.

2) We want our fellows to develop a vision for themselves. So as you apply think about what you hope to do post fellowship so that if you are selected we can work together to build all the right skills within you to pursue your dreams . Of course a big part of this happening is how much hard work you put in :) #MakeYourDreamsComeTrue 

3) Most Sundays are holiday but sometimes as a fellow you may be required to be part of an event / you may be organising one yourself with your other fellows.

4) We expect our fellows to be ready to push their limits, especially when it comes to learning about themselves. As part of the fellowship you will have a self track and a field track. In your self track we will take you through many learning sessions and expose you to a unique set of role models and mentors. However, we encourage our fellows to work on their own time as well through reflection and other tools to fully make use of all these learnings.  So you will have to put in effort to make the most of all that is given to you in this fellowship :) #CommitToYourLearning

5) The fellowship will challenge you in many ways - physically, mentally and emotionally.  You will find yourself in your 'discomfort zone'  during majority of the time . We believe that the most learning and deepest transformation happens at the edge / in your discomfort zone.

6) One of the most beautiful things about being a fellow is that you get to be a part of a warm and loving family who becomes a huge support for you in your life .This also includes past years fellows who help you and guide you. Our culture of work is not the typical style - while 1 part of it is structured the other part is equally fluid and flexible. While you will experience a lot of freedom and flexibility - you will have space to plan your days and time, you will have to push yourself to learn how to be self motivated, responsible and maintain a high quality of performance with respect to all the work you have in the fellowship - both field and self journey.

7) This fellowship is NOT A JOB - this is a learning journey. So if you are looking for a job then this may not be the right place for you. BUT if you are looking for an opportunity to learn, grown, push yourself, inspire many young girls, break gender stereotypes in your life, be a better person in the world THEN this may be for you :)

8) Last but very crucial - we are very action oriented #WalkTheTalk so we are looking for those young women who are ready to put some action behind their words and "show" us how serious they are about going through this life changing journey.

Most of all - we LOVE to have FUN ! for all the people you will meet here you will see that we love doing what we do and so we enjoy it . We love, we laugh, we dance a lot, we become your support just as you may become ours #ShowUsTheRealYou
Have you applied to this fellowship before ? *

What's your first name? *

Hi {{answer_DNMSlxPeOF1X}}. What's your last name?

{{answer_DNMSlxPeOF1X}}, what is your date of birth ? *

What is your contact number ? *

What is your current residential address ? *

Which college/ institution are you from ? *

{{answer_DNMSlxPeOF1X}}, what is your educational qualification ? *

undergraduate / post graduate degree/diploma details
Understanding of languages :

Hindi *

English *

Marathi *

Gujarati *

What kind of extra-curricular activities/ internships have you been involved in ? *

work experience/ college events/ cultural activities/ sports etc
Tell us what you did and what you learnt from each experiences
...........and what are the things that interest you?(Sports, Reading, Painting, Harry Potter, Music, etc.) Give us a few examples :) *

What is the most common feedback about yourself that you receive from friends / family / mentors/ professors/ colleagues ? *

Common feedback includes : areas of improvement, strengths , weaknesses , common habits you have . Mention those which people around you have pointed out to you.  #SpecificIsSpecial
Describe a time in your life where you failed at something. Tell us how you felt then and what you did about it. *

Think about your experiences with failure - if you failed to fulfil a commitments, you failed at completing a project , etc. Reflect on how you behaved in these situations, write about what you felt and what you decided to do. #BeHonest
What do you expect from this fellowship ? *

If you get to be a fellow this year what expectations would you have from the fellowship, in terms of what you need to learn / experiences you want to have / areas where you need help.
As a girl, what has been your biggest challenge ? (in day to day life or in achieving your dreams) *

On a broader scale, what do you think, is the biggest challenge for women in India? *

(OPTIONAL) What is 1 decision or action you have taken in your life to further the cause of gender equality ?

if you had a chance to do something towards making society more "gender equitable" what would you do ? *

In this fellowship you will be tackling multiple tasks and challenges at one time ...please give us an example of when you think you managed multi tasking like a pro ;) *

Describe how you did it / were not able to do it . What did you learn about yourself from that experience #BeHonestPlease
Watch this video  and write a short note on what you think the video is trying to convey and what is 1 think you realised about yourself through this video ? *

If the video does not play here please click on this link :
Who do you look up to as a role model and why ? *

What would you do if you were not afraid of anyone / anything ? *

Try to be as specific as possible  #SpecificIsSpecial
How would you describe yourself in detail if  you were asked to imagine the BEST version of yourself? *

Make a video of 1-2 min about why this fellowship is so important for you and if you are selected then what do you hope to achieve through it.

After you have recorded the video please send it to:

(Subject of email : (your name)_Video for Gender Lab
Eg. Ayushi Banerji_Video for Gender Lab )
You will not be evaluated on your video making skills

Incase you are unable to make a video please send us a short write up ( 300- 500 words) on the above mentioned question and send it to

PLEASE NOTE : your application will not be accepted without the above video/ write up
We would love to know more about you through your professors/ mentors

Please provide details for atleast 1 person
Name: *

College / Organization *

Contact  Number : *

Thank you {{answer_DNMSlxPeOF1X}},for completing this application process. You will hear from us soon  :)

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