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The Gender Lab focusses on addressing gender inequalities through different interventions. 

अगर आपको अप्लिकेशन फॉर्म हिन्दी में चाहिए तो  पर ईमेल करें
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The Gender Lab Fellowship :A full time, paid  fellowship that aims to build leadership, employability and entrepreneurship skills among young women (20 to 25 years) through a multi layered ‘service learning’ model

If you are: ·        
1) A female graduate between the age of 20 and 25 years ·        
2) Fluent in Hindi and any one of English/ Marathi/ Gujarati ·        
3) Comfortable with extensive local travel within Mumbai ·        
4) Ready for a rigorous masters level learning experience including field work at the grassroots ·        
5) Passionate about understanding and working on gender issues and women’s empowerment ·        
6) Eager to facilitate workshops for 13-14 year old girls in schools

Then join us on this journey of learning, growing, discovering your potential and changing the world.
We are looking for committed and authentic individuals , so just be 'yourself' and let us get to know YOU !

What's your first name? *

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{{answer_UzZ7}}what is your date of birth ? *

What is your contact number , {{answer_UzZ7}} *

What is your current residential address ? *

Which college/ institution are you from ? *

{{answer_UzZ7}}  what is your educational qualification ? *

undergraduate / post graduate degree/diploma details
Understanding of languages :

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English *

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Gujarati *

What kind of extra-curricular activities/ internships have you been involved in ? *

work experience/ college events/ cultural activities/ sports etc
Tell us what you did and what you learnt from each experiences
According to you, what is the biggest challenge for girls and women in India ? *

(OPTIONAL) What is 1 decision or action you have taken in your life to further the cause of gender equality ?

Share with us your reflections of this video : *

Who do you look up to as a role model and why ? *

What would you do if you were not afraid ? *

Make a video of 1-2 min about why you want to be a Gender Lab Fellow and why you are someone we should select .

Send it to

(Subject of email : (your name)_Video for Gender Lab
Eg. Ayushi Banerji_Video for Gender Lab )
You will not be evaluated on your video making skills 

Incase you are unable to make a video please send us a short write up ( 300- 500 words) on the above mentioned question and send it to
* your application will not be accepted without the above video/ write up
We would love to know more about you through your professors/ mentors

Please provide details for atleast 1 person
Reference 1 
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Reference 1 
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Reference 1
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Reference 2

Reference 2
College / Organization

Reference 2
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Thank you {{answer_UzZ7}}  for completing this application process. You will hear from us soon  :)

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